Use of Open Data by the Example of OpenStreetMap OSM


Excerise Course at Kyrgyz-German Faculty of Applied Informatics

Data is an important aspect in GIS. But often, there is the questions where find data. Here Open Data provides one possibility. Open Data can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone.

In this course, Open Data and advanatages and problemes relate to its use are presented/ discussed by the example of Oen Street Map (OSM). This includes:

  • Background on OSM, the underlying architecure and technology, and OSM tagging system
  • Presentatiom of different OSM editors such as iD (Excerise: editing OSM)
  • Practical work on using OSM data, i.e. accessing and preprocessing OSM data

Within the course students create – based on OSM data – a little map application showing a selection of touristic POIs in Bishkek.

Tools/ Applications used:

  • OSM
  • OSM Edititor iD
  • QGIS with Plugins Qucik OSM and Quick Map Server